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Well, I have failed slightly. I wanted to keep going with the daily blogs but just ended up so busy.  Which is probably the wrong thing to say since for me that is what the Miracle Morning is all about, making more time. I have been concentrating on my training for the Ironman which is ... Read More

Day 17 of The Miracle Morning

Day 17     Todays Summary So my mornings regularly start at 5:00am now.  With a bed time of between 09:00-10:00pm. As I sit and write this I have done my SAVERS routing as part of The Miracle Morning and it is now 07:21 and have been in work at my business for nearly 50mins.  ... Read More

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Day 16     Todays Summary Things are really settling into a routine. Today very similar to yesterday although I have not been to the gym today so just my normal morning Yoga.  I still find Yoga so difficult to-do but I do enjoy my 15 mins in a morning with the Yoga Studio App ... Read More


Day 15     Todays Summary Things are now settling into a routine. I completed my normal morning before going to the gym and getting a 35 min workout, I certainly felt better on the cross trainer than I did with my soul destroying swim yesterday. I then had a 75 min drive to a ... (902) 244-2131


Day 14     Todays Summary Today started out bad and got a little worse before it got better. I thought I would have a lie in since it is Sunday and got up at 7:00am, that was a big mistake, Having slept for 8.5 hours I felt less invigorated then I have for the ... Read More

Day 13 of The Miracle Morning

Day 13     Todays Summary Woke up at 6:00am this morning and I am feeling much better.  I must concentrate and going to bad at a regular and reasonable time so that I don’t feel so bad by the end of the week. I had a great time in the Gym playing squash with ... (406) 415-9728


Day 12   Silence Same 10 mins in the morning.  I really enjoy this part of my day and I find my self trying to mediate without any help through out the day if anything is getting to me. Affirmations I really need to work on my own affirmations as I am now just going ... Read More

Day 11 of the The Miracle Morning

Now that I am getting into this blog writing a little bit I am going to change my posts a little bit so that I can be more concise and perhaps not ramble so much. To start with I am just going to put up some basic stats on my miracle morning and how I ... Read More

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So today the spring in my step has disappeared!  Hopefully only for a short time though. I am hoping that this is due to the intense workout in the gym that I have just completed.  I went to my first ever fitness class called Broga this morning, I think it is a cross between Yoga ... Read More

Day 2 of the Blog

So today was an other 5:00am start, Day 9 if my maths is correct. So TheMiracleMorning consists in short of what it calls the life savers, the savers being the keep part that has you following this routine:- S – Silence, really mediation A – Affirmations – Telling yourself that you are just as deserving ... Read More